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Life Is A River

Life is a river that we float down until we drown. Occasionally we pull off into a new spot, set up our tent, explore, learn, and discover new things about ourselves. Hopefully when we pack up the tent and take off down to the next stop, we’re a better person than we were before.

My last two landings have been good ones. Two decades in the Seattle area taught me humility, how to lead, and how to be a dad. As I prepare to jump back in the river after thirteen years in Teton Valley I’m stone cold sober and in the best shape of my life.

Wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Chopped Liver

Ever have one of those days?

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I’ve been asked lately how retirement is going? Well, it’s great, thank you. I’m doing all the things I like to do like weight-lifting on the deck semi-naked under a warm sun, driveway dancing to a Seattle radio station blasting from my Echo, driving to town for my fruit, watching Netflix, evening ab-workouts and playing with my cat. All without the complications of working at an 0700 to 1600 job!

I’m really kinda amazed at how easily I’ve adapted. My time is now mine, not somebody else’s. I make my own schedule, not follow the one dictated by a stupid tablet in that rolling office called a bus.

Moving sale coming up in a couple of weeks and then hopping back in the river for the next float. Glad to be alive!

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I’ve been eating a breakfast of red cabbage, beets and garlic for years now and it’s one of the things I attribute my great health to. I also started adding kale for the calcium but the store was out today. I usually dice everything up together in my Cuisinart and store it in a container in the fridge but lately it’s begun to ferment before I finish it.

My normal procedure is to heat a third cup of water in a sauce pan, add 3/4 cup of the mixture, heat and boil for a couple minutes and then thicken it up with ground flax-seed meal. It has the texture of oatmeal and when topped with a sliced banana it’s great!

I’m going to be traveling for a bit shortly so I came up with an idea: Dice each vegetable separately, store one serving amounts in small individual baggies, and then freeze them. I’ll transport them in my cooler and all I have to do is power up my portable hotplate, heat water, add the frozen mix and cook.

One average sized cabbage, three beets, and one jar of peeled garlic made 16 meals. Of course, I had to bag up some flax-seed also:

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The Box

Sometimes we find ourselves wallowing around within the confines of self-inflicted boxes. All we can see are the limits imposed by the box. I was sitting on the deck the other day playing some Lukas Nelson on my Echo, feeling really sorry for myself and I wrote a poem: I’m a sad old man, without a plan, throwing it all away again. Pretending to not give a damn, not knowing if I’ll lose or win.

Well, I thought, that’s pretty bleak as I consumed some Oregon fruit from my recent trip, I need to start thinking out of the box. I was trying to figure out how to get Steph and her stuff to the South towards the end of August while towing her truck behind the U-Haul and then getting my own ass back here to get my life moving and what about Piper while I was gone.

As I went to bed my brain was on fire and around midnight I got it. Leave early in August, pull my truck behind the U-Haul, unload in the South and drive back here. Steph can put new tires on her Tundra and drive east on our last day, I’ll then grab my stuff and Piper and drive to… Oh wait, I haven’t worked that part out yet, better go visit the deck one more time…

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Our deadlines rapidly approach. The landlady want’s us out of the house by August 28 which gives me three days to wander around the West Coast with all of my possessions, and my cat, jammed into my truck until I can move into my new place, which I haven’t found yet.

This is after I drive a U-Haul truck to the deep south with all of Steph’s stuff, and then take the Greyhound back through the heartland of America. Yea, let that one sink in…

I have only two constants left in my life now: My words on this computer, and the feel of my beard on the soft underbelly of my sweet cat Piper.

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Recall the phrase: fading into oblivion? I realize that I’m on the verge of doing so, in a cool and structured manner. I’m still not sure of the specific location of the landing after the raft sets sail, but east is on my horizon. Way east… But it will be the land of oblivion and my family count will sadly be significantly reduced. All I can do is rock on.

July 30, 2018, Colorado Belle, Laughlin, NV. A week after my 72nd birthday…

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The Boss

Piper is my cat, my friend, and my boss. How I keep her healthy and happy thru the next two weeks will dictate whether or not I’m ultimately fired from the evil and liberal Pet Owners Association.

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My Life

I’ve managed to compress my stuff down to a few boxes. Add in a couple of desks, a computer, a tv and a mattress, and you have my life in a nut sack.

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